Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Unusual Ruff

Playing in our weekly IMPS League Wed Night, I had a situation come up that I think is unique in my too long bridge history. I opened 1 of a major (not a psyche), wound up playing in the other major, and scored a ruff of the first major in my hand as the contract going trick.

With no one Vul, I picked up this hand in 3rd seat, K432 AQ87 Q42 85 and heard it go 2 passes to me. I don’t normally like to open that light, even in 3rd seat, but wanted to get in the majors if possible, so opened 1H. This went 2D on my left (so much for even holding a bad opener) and partner made a neg double, passed back to me. I had an easy 2S bid, which partner raised to 3S, ending the auction. The opening lead was the Q of Spades (ouch) and this dummy appeared, A875 953 K2 QJT4, not bad, but this is still going to need some work. I actually agree with 3S by pard, since I do not tend to open light in third seat, he has a good hand, it was my problem for doing it this time.

I won the K of Spades in my hand, did not want to duck in case that was a singleton, and led a Club out of my hand. LHO won the K of Clubs, while RHO played the 2, and continued with the 10 of Spades to the A on board, RHO following. I continued the Q of Clubs off board and LHO won the A (Nice Hand) and led out the J of Spades, RHO pitching a Diamond. Finally, LHO exited a Club to board, RHO following. I pitched my 2 little Hearts on the 2 Clubs, hooked the Heart (LHO at least did not have that card as well) and claimed, giving up a Diamond to the A to LHO and ruffing the losing Heart on board in my hand, after having opened 1H.

The other nice hand was a great defense by my partner. I held K98 QT52 K983 64 all Vul and heard it go a Strong (15-17) NT on my left, passed to me. Not liking total suicide bids, I asked partner to lead, and got the 4 of Spades (3 and 5). Dummy tracked with QJ6 J843 75 K752 and declarer put up the Q of Spades, covered by the K and A. Declarer played a med Club to the K and back to the 10 and Partners J, after some thought, partner played the 10 of Spades, which held the trick. Next, partner led the 2 of Spades to the J on Board, declarer also following. When Declarer now played a small Club off board, I played a small Diamond (lavinthal), indicating a preference for a Heart switch. This went to the Q and partners A, and partner cashed the 13th Spade, with all 3 of us pitching small Hearts. Now partner made a great play of the K of Hearts, which declarer won with the A, and led his remaining small Club to the 7 on board, partner pitching a small Heart while I threw a second Diamond. When declarer came off board with a little Diamond, I flew with the K and declarer won the A (not wanting to be endplayed into playing Hearts from my side). A small Diamond went to my partners Q, and I claimed the last 2 tricks with the QT of Hearts over the J, for down 1.

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