Sunday, April 11, 2010

How Good

This hand came up playing in a P/U team match this weekend. No one vul, you pick up A32 AQ7642 A K87 and open 1H in first seat. Partner bids 2C over this, and you decide to jump to 3H, over which partner bids 4H, now what?

First, I think I would have bid 2H over 2C, I want to see what partner is going to do, but over 4H, the question is, do you bid again. I think the answer has to be yes, you have every control in the deck, and partner made the 2/1 in the suit you wanted it in, Clubs. Any kind of decent Club suit, with the K of Hearts and 1 or 2 backers, has to give you good play for slam. Opposite a hand like xxx Kxx xx Axxxx, you will not have play on a Spade lead, but even opposite that, you would have play on a Diamond lead, and that is about worst case.

At our table, this hand passed over the 4H bid, and his partner put down Qxx Kxx QTx AQJx, for a claimer 6. Not sure what that hand was supposed to do different over 3H, since looking at 2 quick losers in each side suit with a flat hand, needs a very good hand from partner to make a slam. And with that good of a hand, the other hand should be going on.

At the other table, the auction was funny, but worked out for them, and they will consider themselves great bidders. On the same auction, the 2C hand bid 4N over the 3H bid, then bid 6H. Since it turned out everything worked, it made, but I think the 4N/6H bids are losing bids in the long run.

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