Thursday, March 11, 2010

Many Interesting Occurrences – 1 Hand

Had the following hand occur last night in our IMPS game. It was amazing to watch all of the things that happened on just 1 hand. I held the following: K 9xx ATxx QJTxx with no one vul and passed in second seat. Partner opened 2C in fourth seat and when RHO passed again, I bid 2D, which we play shows real values with no good single suit (would have shown the Clubs if I had 6). This was doubled on my left and partner now bid 2S. I bid 3C and partner bid 3S.

At this point, I like my hand, I just wish I had a second Spade to go with the K. But with partner rebidding the suit, I thought the K was worth more than 2 or 3 small, so I cue-bid 4D, hoping partner would appreciate the joke. Partner bid 4H and I signed off in 4S, assuming if he did not bid again, I was not going anywhere. Partner now came up with a 5C bid.

I was fairly sure partner did not have great Clubs on this hand, since he did not raise them at any point. But I wanted to offer a choice of contracts, hoping partner could read I had decent Clubs and short but good Spades (that is a real reach to hope that, but hey) and bid 6C. Partner thought about this a while, and finally passed 6C, and my RHO led the K of Diamonds (!). This was partners hand, AQJT9x KQT Qx AK. I have to admit I would have passed 4S on the hand with the Qx of Diamonds, but the Club cards are nice and I did show a good hand with a Diamond control.

The problem now was 6C, and although the Diamond K had set up the Q, it had severed late entries to the board. Nice to be in 6C instead of 6S on that lead though. In 6S on the K of Diamonds lead, you really have no play, the Clubs are cut off, and playing a Heart allows my LHO to win the A and give his partner a Diamond ruff. You gotta love that double of 2D on 5 or 6 to the J, it was certainly effective. But back to the play in 6C, partner won the A of Diamonds, led to the A and K of Clubs, which got interesting when my LHO pitched a Diamond on the second Club, then back to the K of Spades to pull trump.

Now for the second interesting part, instead of dumping the 3 Hearts on the Clubs and leading back to the Q of Diamonds to claim 7, how about we throw the 10 of Hearts and the AQ of Spades (for dramatic effect) on the Clubs, and lead a Heart off board for making 6 (!) At IMPS it does not really matter, especially when the opps at the other table stopped in 4S, making 7 when our partner could not find the inspired singleton K of Diamonds lead to cut off dummy at trick 1.

Just another ordinary hand.

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