Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nice Hand

Playing on BBO the other night, I got to hold the strongest hand that I have ever held. Not sure if a loser count applies when it works out to 1/4 loser total.

Playing IMPS NV vs V in a fairly decent game, I picked up AKQT85432  ---  AKQ6  ---, a fairly nice holding. The auction got fairly simple, P, P, 1H to me. Since I know of no method of asking for specific J's, I just bid the (to me) normal 7S over this.

I like to fool around on a hand as much as anyone, but I did not want to be dropped anywhere when even Partner must be short in Spades with some Hearts. He might not get the joke.

7S went back to the opener, who doubled, guess we found those missing A's. Not knowing still about Diamonds, this was passed out. The opening lead was a small Heart, and partner put down 2 nice cards, a Spade, and the J of Diamonds. This meant the play did not take long.

I looked at the score later, 3 people bid 4S with this hand, 1 in 4th position after 3 passes and 2 others after a Heart opener on their right. I noted their names, planning to never double anything they play in. Out of 16 people that played it, only 5 bid 7S, 2 did not get doubled, and the other 2 redoubled, assuming the Diamonds would work out. Guess if you are going to bid it, the redouble is fun as well.

I don't assume I will see too many hands like that again, but will keep watch :)


  1. That's a much stronger hand than my best, KQT9xxxx, void, AKQxx, void, hand-dealt at the university pub. But boy did I mess it up! (pard had a spade void and we could make 7D, instead I went down 2 doubled in 7S)