Saturday, July 9, 2011

How to Blow off a Complex Squeeze

Had this hand come up in a practice match against a couple of teammates this week. There were a couple of interesting points in the bidding, namely is 6D a place to play or a cue-bid of some kind. I assumed it was a Cue-Bid and proceeded to the grand.

Here is the hand 7H Hand

The bigger problem was my play of the hand. I screwed up at trick 5 and pitched the wrong card from dummy and the squeeze did not operate. I have to throw the Spade from dummy, and keep the Diamond threat card there, rather than the way I did it with the Diamond in my hand and Spade on dummy. Then when I cash the 2 Clubs, I can throw my Diamond, cash the 2 Diamond winners in my hand, and on the last Heart, both LHO and RHO are squeezed down to 2 Spades to protect their suits. In the actual end position I set up, the squeeze did not operate and I went down 1. And I should get it right, since it appears from the lead and then Heart shortness, that LHO is now more likely to have the Diamond length.

Of other interest to note, is that if LHO pitches 2 Spades instead of 2 Clubs, no squeeze appears to operate, since that person can always protect Clubs and Diamonds, while RHO protects Spades. Or at least I could not see one that worked, maybe the audience can find one.


  1. Hi David

    7C is on if LHO discard 2 Spades.
    Pitch a Spade on the forth H.
    Then play AK of D (not necessary) to clear the position.
    Then AK of S and J of D.
    The Last H lead to an automatic simultaneous double Squeeze.

    In fact, there is a compound squeeze so you can always make 13 Tricks provided that you can read LHO's distribution. (play AK of C if LHO keeps 3 spades)

  2. Yes, you are right, in all cases I have to pitch the Spade off board, not the Diamond that I did, then always have a Squeeze no matter what they throw.

    Doh, missed that when looked at it at first.