Sunday, June 26, 2011

How Good is Good - Part 2

Here is the first part of the post from the other day.

Have a tough hand for people to decide what to do on, will post what the other hand is tomorrow.

Playing IMPS Vul vs Not, you pick up this collection 542 86 KQ95 KT74 and hear it go 1H on your left, 2H (std Michaels) by Pard, Pass on your right. You elect to bid 2S with this hand, and it now goes 3H on your left, 4S (!) by Pard, P on your right.

Your hand has suddenly grown up a lot, but do you take another bid, and if so, what?


The other hand was KQT86 --- AT8 AQ965. When the A of Spades was doubleton onside and no suits broke bad, 12 tricks were available in Spades and Clubs. At our table, the above hand passed 4S, not sure what the best bid is, since the Michaels hand should be good, but does it have to be a 1 loser hand.


  1. If the Michaels hand bid four hearts, instead of four spades, then you would have a much better chance of bidding the slam when it's right.

  2. True, but is the hand good enough for 4H. That may get partner even more excited when you only want to get to 4S. That is a tough decisions, how good does the hand have to be to bid 4H

  3. My first thought was "I don't have any Aces".
    If you can make slam opposite a hand with no first round controls you're probably worth 4H.