Sunday, January 3, 2010

SAYC now has a forcing 1N!

Playing in a pick up match on BBO with a 'World Class' partner, I held the following hand NV vs Vul. KQ954 AT3 742 KQ in 1st seat. I opened the hand 1S, and it went (P) 1N (P) back to me. My partner had stated we were playing SAYC, which meant 1N was limited and non-forcing. I could not see many games available, and this seemed as good a spot as any, so I passed.

My partner proceeded to make 4N on the hand, and then started in on me for passing. According to him, the correct auction was for me to bid 2C (!) over his 1N, then raise his 2H to 3H, so he could then bid 4H. This seemed pretty far-fetched to me, since even if he had bid 2H over a 2C bid by me, I doubt I would have raised. Any hand that could not bid a natural (not 2/1) 2H over my 1S was not going to get a non-vul raise from me.

My partners hand was --- K98642 QT98 A62, just about a perfect fit, with everything co-operating, including the J of Diamonds doubleton onside. I believe I would have bid 2H on this hand, and got to 4H the sane and easy way. As a matter of fact, that is how they got to 4H at the other table, by bidding 2H over the same 1S opener.

Sigh, guess that is why I can never make that 'World Class' level.

That is OK though, I was given a lesson a couple of hands later on how to get to close games by him. He held J942 7 A542 Q852 and over 1H (P), he bid 1S. This now went (P) 2C (P) back to him. I think most people would have chosen a Pass, or an aggressive 3C, but he now made the master bid of 2N. This was raised to 3N by me on 83 AKQ93 J8 AJT6. I thought I had a source of tricks, good Clubs, and help in Diamonds. He got a Diamond lead, so he put up the J and won the K with the A. He now hooked a Club, losing to the K, and a Diamond came back. Due to the spots he had, the opps had no problem cashing 3 more Diamonds. His LHO now cashed the A of Spades, led a Spade to his partners K, and won the next 2 Spades with the 10 and Q, for a quick and merciless down 4, vul, -400. Fortunately, they got to 5C down 2 at the other table, so we only lost 5 IMPS.

As I said, guess I have to study more.

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