Sunday, January 3, 2010

Major or Minor

Another interesting hand from a BBO Team match, this one with a philisophical point. On the auction, P P 2N P 3N P P P do you lead a Diamond or Heart from this hand, KT AT43 96542 86.

The Diamond is the longer suit, but does require more from partner, and will pickle any Diamond honours in partners hand. The Heart lead requires partner to have a Heart card, and another trick, since even with 3 Hearts and a Spade, you need 1 more for the magic 5. And it is not a requirement that the opps do not have a major suit fit, RHO could have almost anything in the majors for his 2N bid, and even LHO could have a major in a 4333 hand and have decided to go for 9 tricks.

Anyways, on this hand, it turns out the Major is the right lead, partner has KJ762 in Hearts, with Qx in dummy, declarer had 2 small. The Diamond lead pickles partners Qx in Diamonds, and the opps have 8 winners in the minors with the A of Spades.

Not sure what the correct answer is, both could be right on any given hand. It is perhaps unlucky on this hand that the Diamond lead not only does not set up your suit, but gives up the 9th trick on the go.

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