Thursday, July 16, 2009

Strange Pass

Watching a friend play the other night on BBO and kibitzed this hand. Playing IMPS, No one Vul, you pick up 73 A92 AK94 A875 and hear partner open 1S in first seat. I think you need to make a 2/1 into a minor here, and since neither is particularily great, I would probably pick the cheaper with 2C, but my friend bid 2D. This worked out quite well as pard now bid 3C, making your hand a gold mine.

S now bid 3H and heard pard bid 3N, showing a Heart card. At this point, I think that you need to tell pard about the Club fit, I really like 4C now, and see what pard does. It never occurred to me to Pass? This person is usually an aggressive bidder, it just seems to me that Pass is an extremely pessimistic point of view on this hand.

Not sure what partner will bid over 4C, probably 5C, since he has an aceless hand, but good shape. If feeling agressive, you might even get a 4D call from pard. The hand opposite is KQT96 K7 2 KQT93. Since nothing bad happens in Clubs, six is a claim on all leads.

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