Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bad Bid

Playing IMPS in our regular game this week, I picked up this hand QJxxxx x Jxx Txx Vul vs Not. Pard opened 2C (strong and forcing, but could be as little as 20 bal, since we use 2N as something else) and RHO bid 2H. I personally never like passing on weak shape hands like this since there is too good of a chance of being shut out, so I fearlessly wandered in with 2S. This went 4C (Alert, fit showing jump) on my left, 4H by pard, 5C on my right.

I decided at the table that my 2 options were pass and bid 5S, and finally decided to bid 5S, since it seemed likely all pards cards should be working and there was a good chance for a singleton Club over there on this auction. Pard put down a good but unlucky dummy and I had to go down 1.

The problem was when I started thinking over the hand after, I have come to the conclusion that I should probably double 5C rather than allowing it even to go to partner, something that I had rejected at the table too quickly. There are a couple of reasons for this, first, if they play in Clubs and partner has the A of Hearts, he will have a good chance of working out I must have a singleton on this auction, and A and out a Heart will make this VERY MESSY. Second, I have Spades and a singleton Heart, but have shown that when I bid 2S, why rebid the same thing. Last, I have a lot of loosers to be headed to the 5 level on my own. So all in all, I think I rejected the correct bid, double, too fast. And as my pard said after, with a singleton Club and a perfect hand, pard will not let me off the hook after having bid my 2S to start.

It turns out neither opp has a real pull to 5H, so they will likely play in 5C doubled, which if pard finds the Heart plays, will probably go for something around 1400 non-vul. Much better than my -100. But I think I deserved not to make it, the more I think about it.

And the final reason to double, MB was the one that bid 5C on my right. Remember the rule, when in doubt, Double MB, worry about other stuff later :) Hi MB :)

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