Friday, December 14, 2012

What Does That Mean?

Playing with a pick up partner on BBO, you hold this hand with no one Vul.

84  A85  K62  AJT98

And respond 2D to partners strong 2C opener. Partner now bids 2N and you decide to invite the Grand with 5N. Except partner makes an unexpected response, he bids 6H. What does 6H mean and what do you do over it?

You finally decide to bid 6N, ending the auction. The opening lead is the Q of Spades and

The whole hand is

I was the person that bid 6H and intended it to show 5 Hearts, and unsure about going on. As stated after, the option was to play in 6 or 7NT, not Hearts or any other suit. So 6H was intended to allow partner to evaluate hand, and bid on with Good Heart Cards.

How would everyone else treat the 6H bid?


  1. If the partnership had agreed to play Puppet Stayman and if responder were interested in hearing about opener's possessing five hearts, might responder have used Puppet?

    Counterpoints to above question: (1) why DIDN'T responder use Puppet, what with a potential ruffing trick in spades (morph the queen from clubs to hearts, for example)?; (2) what else can 6H mean (ditto for 6 of any other suit) other than an acceptance of the grand invitation, but with an offer to consider the grand being in hearts, a five card suit.

    Very difficult to suggest an overall auction because the particular auction is so agreement-dependent: type of responses to 2C opening, Puppet and Puppet responses, kickback ... all are influential.

  2. If I were on the receiving end of the 6H bid, I would think that it "probably" meant what you intended, but there's so much uncertainty with random pickup players that I would just bid 6N.

    Not asked, but I would NEVER make the 6H bid...probably not even with an established partner unless something along these lines had come up in prior discussion, and absolutely never with a random. Frankly, with a random I would be nervous enough about someone recognizing 5N as an invite to 7N but a force to 6N. It's just not worth the risk. You're minimum for your bidding, so just bid 6N and be done with it.

  3. the play was for 12, but there is a free finesse in hearts that works for 13