Monday, April 9, 2012

Do You Have Enough

Playing IMPS with an unknown partner on BBO, you pick up the following hand with no one Vul, and see this auction.

The question now is, do you have enough to go 7. Partner has forced to slam after showing Hearts and Diamonds, and you have both outside A's, instead of slow cards, good Diamonds, and a Heart card.

So what does partner have, he should be at least 54 in Hearts and Diamonds, if not 6-4, and probably has 0-1 Club for this auction, with a good hand. If he does not have a Spade card, then the 2 red suits in partners hand have to be very good.

I think it is a bit of a push to bid 7, depends on how much you trust partner. And that is the problem just playing a few random hands, you do not know partners style on these hands. So would you accept the push on this hand yourself?

These were the 2 hands.

Partner passed 6D, and 7 was claimed on the opening lead. Turns out 7H also makes, but having the 5th Diamond to pitch the Spade loser on is a lot to hope for, 7D seems like the right contract. Just not sure of an easier way to get there.

Turns out though, in the wonderful world of BBO IMPS Scoring, if you are not in a straight team match, 6D scored a win of 5 imps, as just under 1/2 the field did not get to a slam, and 1 person managed to play in 3H after the auction 1D-3H-all pass. The only 7 bid was the person who checked for A's, found all of them, and barged straight into 7H, not worrying about the 2nd Spade loser or if partner had real Diamonds to take care of the little Diamonds. Hey, it worked.


  1. Hard to get to grand, even if West made what, seems to me, is a preferable call over 3NT of 4D.

    When East does not raise 3H, West knows that East has fewer than three hearts, and at least four diamonds (and more than four diamonds unless specifically 4=1=4=4 or 4=2=4=3). Further, with such good hearts, it might be reasonable for West to guess that the suit can be established for spade pitches from partner.

    With all that said, however, West still needs for his partner to hold both black aces and the DK, perhaps even KJ ... a lot to ask for.

    Perhaps East might jump to 6D over the 4D call? If that happened, then West, with such good red cards, might raise the ante to 7D.

    I'm struggling here, and think that the hand shows that "preempts work".

  2. Actually, I agree with you on the 4D bid. I thought about it after, and think the only real way to get to the grand is perhaps the auction 1D (3C) 3H 3N 4D 4S 5C 5N 7D. On that auction, E with the Black Aces and good Diamonds, can picture the frand if partner has the AQ of Diamonds, and can ask with 5N.

    But on the whole, yes, I think this is a hard hand for W to show the good Hearts and fitting Diamonds over the 3C bid.

  3. RH After 1D-(3C)-3H-3NT-4D-4S-5C-6C should get you to the grand.