Monday, January 31, 2011

Nasty Lead Part 2

In the previous post, I gave a play problem in 6H after a Spade Lead. Here is the whole hand for any interested to see how their choices worked out.

N   E   S   W

1C P  1H  P
1S P  2D  P
3C P  3H  P
3N P  6H  P
P   P

KJ84                                     T962
8                                            J52
KJ97                                      864
9852                                      A73

Of course, the only way to make the hand on a Spade Lead is to take the round 1 finesse, but that is something that most people hate to do. At the table, declarer after some thought, played the A of Spades and took the Diamond finesse, losing to the K, and a Club came back to the A for down 1.

The interesting part was the same boards were in play in both semi-finals, and at both tables where 6H was reached (I am not sure of the other auction), the lead was the same card, the 8 of Spades, with the same result.

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